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дизайнерские блокноты Modern women have a lot of opportunities to be fashionable and stylish. There are plenty of fashionable accessories, jewelry, various kinds of hats and stylish handbags in shopping malls. Unfortunately, because of the obligatory office dress-code and the irrelevance of some home design it is not always possible to show all the beauty to colleagues and friends.

стильные дневникиThe first brand of the ART-BLANC designer notebooks offers women a unique opportunity to show to be fashionable that becomes possible owing to the original detail of their toilet – the stylish notebook.

The key features that determine the originality of our products are:

- interesting and unique designer solutions which satisfy the current fashion trends;

- use of modern materials, methods of design and innovative technologies which create fascinating unordinary and attractive artistic effects;

- high-quality productsm.

ART-BLANC designer notebooks are produced in three formats – А5, А6 and А7, both with magnetic flaps and without the use of them. Our gift notebooks are first of all designed to meet the requirements of the most beautiful part of the humanity the main part of which consists of girls and women from 20 to 40 years old. The size of the notebook and its compact format allow to put it into any handbag.

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